A Message From Our Pastor

Dear Friends,

As I am writing this, the first signs of snow are freezing on my back patio. My space heater is on, and every light in the room I am in is brightly burning. And of course a candle, to remind me of the presence of the Spirit. Winter has come to Cleveland.

The house I live in was built in 1911, one of the first in the city of Cleveland Heights. It has high ceilings and no insulation in the walls. And thanks to knob and tube wiring, and the huge expense of replacing that, we cannot put insulation in. So basically, from now until May, if you ask me how I am, the answer will be “cold.”

How do you survive these cold and gray months in Cleveland? Probably the best answer for me is that I try to get out of my house as much as possible. Being in the company of others warms me, and not just from the additional body heat generated! Seeing smiling faces, engaging with folks, reminds me of how blessed I really am to be here, and how much Cleveland has to offer, even in these dark and dreary days.

Fortunately, we have a lot happening here at church these months to keep our minds off the weather! I hope you will take advantage of our Sunday school classes, midweek Advent study, the Grief Group meetings on Monday nights, and our Longest Night service on December 17. Of course, plan to come help at the community meals, come to the Prayer Shawl group on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and the UMW party. And don’t forget the Kids’ Christmas party on December 15th, followed by a special Kids Sunday on the 16th. If you ever can’t get here because of transportation – let the office know. And if you have a vehicle that does well in the snow, and you could offer someone a ride – let the office know about that too! There are a few parishioners who could really use rides to events and worship.

Let’s make sure all of us can get out of our houses and come to church, where I guarantee you’ll feel warmer, and you’ll leave shining a bit brighter than when you came. See you in church!

And remember to

Fear Not,