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November 2017

Becoming More!

I just got home from a great meeting with our Stewardship and Finance chairs. Yes, you saw those words in the same sentence – meeting, Stewardship, Finance, and great! Now, before you start to wonder, I am not someone who enjoys working with money. I don’t like balancing budgets, or figuring out whether there is enough money for me to go somewhere I really want to go. I don’t like when my kids ask for something I’m not sure I can afford.

And most of all, I don’t like to ask other people for money. I was raised to earn my own money, which I started doing as soon as I was able. A month after I turned 16 I had a full time summer job, and I worked during the school year as well. When I started working as an engineer, it was good to finally make enough money that we could travel and buy a reliable car. It took me a while to realize that all of what I had, all of what I “earned” wasn’t really mine but God’s, that the reason I was able to make a living wasn’t due to my own ingenuity, but God’s grace.

And then I started seminary. I didn’t work full time outside of the home for the next 19 years, actually until this July 1. Fortunately, my ex-husband’s job paid our expenses, even if we didn’t have any extra. 

And now, I am learning again how to live on my own salary. I am grateful to have a job I love.  But that job is paid for almost entirely due to the generosity of others. And that feels pretty odd. 

One of the things I decided when I started working again after having children is that I was going to set aside a tithe before I did anything else. Since I wasn’t making any money before, I figured I wouldn’t miss 10% of what I hadn’t had. 

And I am fortunate. I don’t really have to worry about day to day expenses. I can buy groceries, and pay my bills. I know that is not true for everyone, and I am grateful. 

At our stewardship meeting, we talked about what it means to put God first – to put our tithe to the church at the top of our household budget, instead of the bottom. We talked about how it sometimes meant doing without “luxuries” which we might not consider luxuries.

But most of all we talked about what could happen if all of us gave back to this church that has given us so much, gave back to God what really wasn’t ours to begin with. 

Let me be the first to tell you, giving feels good. It feels good for me to know the money I give helps programming at the church, helps keep the lights on, and helps people in need not just in our community but around the world. 

What would it mean if we could become even more than we are now? If this church, which has stood steadfast on this corner for 80 years, could open its doors even wider to the community? Could offer the love and mercy of Jesus to more people? 

I invite you to pray and dream envision along with me – What would it mean to become MORE? Let’s find out, together!


Fear Not,