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August 2016

July/August 2016

Dear Christ Family,

The Lake Erie Monsters Ice Hockey team are the 2016 Calder Cup Champions! The
Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2016 NBA World Champions!!!!! At the time of this writing the
Cleveland WINdians are in first place and we are still ..216...ALL...IN...dians!!!!

Prayerfully, they  will win the World Series this year and be champions as well. We are hopeful that the Browns  will also win the SUPERBOWL this coming year with the new coach, staff and players. The city  of Cleveland is currently in the process of getting ready for the Republican National  Convention to be held in a few weeks. So many awesome and wonderful things are happening  within the city. We are thankful! Yet, we also know that all things are not well within the city  so we must keep Cleveland and those who are hurting here in the city in our prayers.

I was amazed about how many possible sermon and devotional titles that there were to
come up with regarding the Cavaliers’ victory. On the last Sunday in June we preached about,  "Believeland" and related it to the story of Joshua and Caleb in the book of Numbers from the  Old Testament. They made it to the promised land because of their belief in the report of the  Lord! If you missed the sermon check it out on YOUTUBE!

As we enter into these summer months, let's continue to live in our "Believeland" which
as Christians is the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom of God we believe that God will be with  us through thick and thin, through the up and down turns of the stock market because of the  BREXIT or any other causes. Let's pray and believe God for the great blessings that will come  out of our Vacation Bible School, Grief Support Ministry, Zumba Health Ministry, Boy Scouts,  Sunday Morning Worship and all other ministries within the church. Let us pray that these  alternative entry points in to our church will help eventually lead others to join us in our  Sunday morning worship. Remember making and being in relationship with others is one of  the great keys to making disciples for Jesus Christ and church growth! Let's work harder at  getting to know one another better, as well as, our guests and even neighbors near the  church.

Somethings that we had planned are on hold for now until we are able to get back with
them and we DO plan to get back to those ideas, especially, our Christ Care Team. As we begin  another year in ministry, we continue to move forward by faith and trust that with God on our  side the best is yet to come! Also, please feel free to join us Sunday, August 28 after church  for a picnic with Simpson UMC at the Metroparks Brookside Reservation (More information to  come and see newsletter for directions).

Pastor Darlene Robinson