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February 2016

February 2016

Dear Christ Family,

“God is moving by His Spirit, and the best is yet to come!” In the midst of all the bad news in the world we have to focus on The Good News and good news. The Good News of course is the Word of God which is filled with hope and encouragement. The Good News is about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His death on the cross, His resurrection and what it means for our lives. Therefore, we are looking forward to our Ash Wednesday service as we begin the season of Lent. Lent begins our annual journey to the cross and Easter celebration. Ash Wednesday is February 10, 2016 and service is at 7:30 p.m.

Many in the Christian community are looking forward to the new movie entitled, “Risen” coming out February 19th in movie theaters. The description says to come to the movie to “Witness the manhunt that changed the course of human history”. Someone also said that , “Risen” is a movie that you can bring someone to who's not a follower of Jesus. It has the potential to impact one's life in a very, very significant spiritual way.” I haven't seen it yet so I can't endorse it fully but the trailer makes it look intriguing and fascinating! I hope it proves to be. (See more of the movie description somewhere in this newsletter.)

Now speaking of the other good news, we are also so excited because we are about to embark upon 4 new ministries. They are the sharing of God sightings, name tag ministry, the ministry of Shepherding and a new small group that will center around grief support. In our book that we have all be encouraged to read, Get Their Name: Grow Your Church

By Building Relationships, it reminds us that if we are to make disciples for Jesus Christ, we need to get comfortable sharing our own faith stories and journeys in order to share them with others. One way to learn how to do this is to start by just sharing very briefly times where you have had a God moment or have seen a God sighting. We are encouraging all of our chairpersons to not only begin each meeting with prayer but also by asking who may want to share a God moment or God sighting in their lives or the lives of others. If you need a copy of the book, Get Their Name: Grow Your Church By Building Relationships, they are available in the church office for $10.00.

The Sunday morning worship name tag ministry is important and necessary in helping us to get to know each other better, especially, newer people as well as visitors or guests. Shepherding is a ministry that will prayerfully help us to keep up with all of our members and worship attendee/ers, as well as, visitors/guests. We also believe that the new small group ministry of grief support will help those families who have lost loved ones whether in the past long ago or even more recent as in last year or this month. If any of these new ministries spark an interest within you, please feel free to join in and ask where might you be helpful in serving in any of these or other ministry work areas. Help is always needed! In fact, every member or regular worship attendee/er should at least be serving in some capacity to help make disciples for Jesus Christ. Looking for somewhere to serve here in the church or in the community? Call the office and let us know!

There are lots of other great things happening here at Christ so be encouraged and spread The Good News about Jesus and spread the good news of how God is showing up and showing out here at Christ UMC with the development of new ministries, as well as, the continuing celebration of those ministries already in place and those that have been for years (such as Sunday School, Choir, Boy Scouts, etc...). Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Looking forward to the "Love Me Love Me Not" fellowship and meal on February 14 and the Spring Fling Irish Dancers fellowship and meal on February 21st both after morning worship. See newsletter and bulletins for more information.

Be Encouraged In Jesus,
Pastor Darlene Robinson