Christ Church Mission Statement:
To make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World.

Christ Church Core Values:
Christ-centered, Vital and lively worship services, Family-oriented, Nurture-focused, and Supportive of mission/outreach initiatives

Christ Church Vision Statement:
We the people of Christ United Methodist Church are…

A Christ-centered community of faith who recognizes that every person is our brother and sister under God’s redeeming love. We strive to be a church for all people with open doors, open hearts and open minds.

A church committed to worship services that are vital and alive, and respond to the spiritual needs of the congregation and our community.

A family-oriented church that seeks to provide for and to involve all ages into every aspect of our church’s life.

A nurture-focused congregation that seeks to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, education and service to each other and the community.

A church that strives to support our local, district, and conference mission/outreach programs for the transformation of the world.