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Seeing a Way Forward: The Rev. Tom Lambrecht

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 12:59pm
Vice president of Good News and a member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association leadership council, the Rev. Lambrecht gives insight into the Traditional Plan and Modified Traditional Plans.
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Sierra Leone welcomes free education — with reservations

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 4:38pm
As new United Methodist schools await approval for government assistance, dwindling enrollments present challenges.
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Growing the church in West Africa

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 3:54pm
United Methodists in Côte d’Ivoire have committed to planting new churches in areas with few Christians. That commitment is one of the reasons the African church is growing.
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Wed, 11/28/2018 - 11:34am
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Africa University pilots HIV self-testing

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 5:35pm
With help of the Board of Global Ministries, the project is first to be conducted at a United Methodist institution in Zimbabwe.
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From ʽchurch bank’ to change agent

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 12:34pm
The Texas Methodist Foundation has grown in assets but also influence, thanks to an extensive leadership ministry and other outreach.
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Commentary: Disciple-making requires truth-telling

Tue, 11/27/2018 - 11:39am
A longtime church communicator expresses concern about the willingness of many church leaders to avoid truth-telling.
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Churchgoers arrested after ICE detains man

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 4:35pm
Samuel Oliver-Bruno had taken sanctuary in a United Methodist church for 11 months but was detained at an appointment with immigration officials.
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Commentary: Baptism brings us into God’s church, relationship with others

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 2:24pm
Scripture and our ritual text insist that God is at work in baptism, placing us in the midst of the church where we practice the means of grace.
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Commentary: Our understanding of baptism — What’s at stake?

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 1:13pm
Baptismal liturgy includes our covenant with God and one another. But the baptism itself is all God’s doing. It’s something God does for and in us.
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bringing peace to the korean peninsula

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 11:20am
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Teen pushes through obstacles to become star athlete

Mon, 11/26/2018 - 10:36am
Despite her tough upbringing, 13-year-old ranks among the best in Zimbabwe and southern Africa region in track and field.
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Church offers young women alternative to early marriage

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 11:46am
Zimbabwe East Conference partners with Global Fund to provide young women skills training and $1,000 in seed money to start small projects.
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Chinese martyr inspires 50 years after execution

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 11:00am
The life and legacy of Methodist-educated writer and political dissident Lin Zhao is the subject of a new book by a Duke Divinity School professor.
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Finance board moves ahead with budget cuts

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 3:23pm
Despite a request from some church leaders to reconsider, the denomination is still looking at sizable cuts to its 2021-2024 general church budget.
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Worshipping without walls in rural Zimbabwe

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 2:21pm
John Wesley’s “The world is my parish” is being relived in the Muzarabani Circuit of Zimbabwe as congregants worship under grass-thatched homesteads and pole sheds.

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Members of migrant caravan seeking better lives

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 1:03pm
United Methodist pastors and leaders are responding to the migrant caravan with love and support.
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expecting the great path of gods peace

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 12:46pm
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