What’s New?

What’s new? Last year, our answer to that question was probably a lot different than if you asked that today. What’s new? We’re finally able to gather in person again! We started worshiping in our sanctuary and those who are vaccinated are no longer required to mask! We can get together with friends again, and yes, we have even begun being able to hug one another without worrying about getting each other sick.

What’s new? As we begin to gather once more, you may notice some things in our building that were not there before. We have new carpeting in some areas. Our nursery has been moved to accommodate our new “pay-as-you-go” store, which hopefully will be open soon to serve the neighborhood. But probably the most exciting thing is this – after 83 years our building is handicap accessible! We have installed chair lifts at our main entrance to allow for access to the Emma Lang Lounge (and the chapel and restrooms), Jump Fellowship Hall, and the sanctuary. With the outside ramp, this means that we can truly welcome everyone without regard to physical ability.

So, what’s new? Perhaps a better question to ask is “What are we going to do differently, now that we have a chance to ‘start again’”? What is your vision for Christ UMC in 2021 and beyond? I’d love to hear your thoughts as we prepare to enter a new program year together!

Fear not,

Pastor Dianne

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