September 2020

The Church Never Closed
It’s been a confusing summer in terms of our life in the pandemic. It’s OK to go
out! No wait you shouldn’t go out! Wear your mask! No, it doesn’t work if you
don’t cover your nose! Stay 6 feet apart! Wait, what are all of those people in
bars doing sitting close together and drinking without wearing masks? School is
starting in person! No, wait, it will be online. Sports won’t happen! No, wait they

The truth is, none of us has ever done this before. And with an invisible enemy
that is spread through microscopic droplets, it’s hard to know how much safety
is enough.

Our last worship service in the sanctuary together was on March 8. In these
past months, I have been meeting regularly with church leaders to discuss what
is happening with the pandemic here in Cuyahoga County and when and how
the church will open its doors on Sundays and the rest of the week.

Yes, we are hoping it will be soon. But the truth is, we will probably go back and
forth between opening and going back to online only for the next months – as
we keep a close eye on the status of cases and ensure the safety of those who
gather. We’re not going to get it exactly right immediately – even though we
are going to try.

But this is an important time for us to remember – the Church never closed. The
Church never closed. We are still the Church no matter where we are, no matter
if we are gathered together on Sundays or apart. We are the representatives of
Christ in the world. That is our calling and our responsibility. Whether we are at
home making phone calls, praying for one another, or sewing masks, at our
community garden sowing seeds, or taking part in Zoom Bible studies and
meetings, we are still about God’s work.

So keep up the good work my friends.
And as always
Fear not!
Pastor Dianne