March 2020

Do you know what our goals are as a church for 2020? Are we focusing on the right areas of ministry? Are we using the gifts God has given us, individually and as a congregation, to make a difference in our community, our city, the world?

We have not had an intentional goal setting process since I first started serving the church in July of 2017. I think it is time for us to look ahead, with as much 20/20 vision as we can muster, and to ask God who we are, and who God wants us to be. Especially because of the upheaval in the larger denomination, it is important for us to have a strong sense of God’s call on our lives as we move forward.

I will freely admit to you that, because this is the first congregation I have served as a solo pastor, I have not led a vision and goal setting process before. So I am going to need your help! Look for more information in the coming weeks as we learn how we can, together, find ways to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

And of course
Fear Not