By now, I know many of you know a lot about me, about where I grew up, my family, and even my dog. You listen to my stories every week. But I’d like to hear more of yours. As we endeavor as a congregation to become more outward focused on our neighborhood, I’d like to know – did you live in this area growing up? What was it like and how has it changed?

What, or who, brought you to Christ United Methodist Church? Was it your parents? A friend? A neighbor? When people ask you about this church, what do you tell them? What would bring you in these doors now?

We all have a story, and our story is part of God’s story because we are all children of God. Stories are meant to be shared. So please, share yours! Come to one of our lunches at Rubin’s, drop by during my office hours, or if you are a writer, write yours down!

And don’t worry, I won’t use it in a sermon without your permission!

Fear Not, Dianne

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